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In the user data structure of each vertex a magnetization vector can be stored if a magnetization problem is initialized. The third bit of the control word indicates if the values for the magnetization vector are valid or not. There are three macros SET_SOL_OK, RESET_SOL_OK and SOL_OK They work analogously to the corresponding macros for an element's error. The three components of the magnetization vector are accessible by the macros M1, M2 and M3.

All geometrical and numerical data belonging to one vertex are stored in its data structure. Therefore vertex and node are used equivalently. On the contrary Bey's convection-diffusion problem of $\mbox{AGM}^{\mbox{\footnotesize 3D}}$ does distinguish between nodes and vertices: Geometrical and graphical information is stored in the vertices' data structure whereas numerical data are contained in the nodes' data structure.

Werner Scholz