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imperror <filename>


Import the estimated error and store it in the data structure of the corresponding element. The first token of each line is the element identifier, the second token the error. However, the element id is ignored. The line number of the input file has to correspond with the position of the element in the list of elements. The error in the first line is stored in the first element in the list that was not refined and therefore belongs to the finest triangulation. The error in the second line is stored in the second element in the list that was not refined, and so on. This is exactly the order in which the quadruplets of vertex ids were stored by expelement and which has to be preserved. Consequently the grid must not be manipulated between the execution of expelements and imperror. If the number of lines is smaller than the number of elements contained in the finest triangulation, a warning will appear in the text window.

Werner Scholz